Rural tourism has something special. We do not know exactly what is it. But it may be a mixture between deep visual beauty of its landscapes, the smell of burning fireplaces or wood silence? of their locations. Certainly, it hooks due to the fact that it relaxes and helps us connect with the deepest part of ourselves. Leaving us in a state of harmony with nature, bringing us back to our origins.

But something is changing. At least, in PlanetRural we have this idea. Rural houses, yes. But with the latest amenities. Luxury at an affordable price, where you also can use our innovative immersive visualization technology to view the whole house before deciding on one of the fifteen that we have available. As we wish to provide the very best for our clients within the Heart of Andalusia. 

Strategically located, you can enjoy all the wonders of the South (Mosque of Cordoba, Alhambra in Granada, Alcazar Palace ...) in a few hours away by car. For the culinary theme is easier, just walk to the nearest bar and grab your caña + tapa combo. And for the party, as well. What are we going to tell you. You already know that "Andalucía tiene un color especial".

Don't think more,enter, take a look at our homes and know their environment. No more bad experiences or being lodged at places that are completely different from the pictures. We are so confident in the quality of our properties that we will let you explore virtually every corner before you decide.

¡¡Visita Nuestros Alojamientos Rurales con Encanto En el Centro De Andalucía!!